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Best Buddies

Best Buddies PictureTeresa Polli ’16, Staff Writer 

Best Buddies is an outstanding organization that was founded in 1989 by Anthony K. Shriver. Since then it, has expanded to almost 1,700 middle school, high school, and colleges worldwide. This nonprofit organization pairs students with a buddy that has developmental disabilities. Merrimack College gives us the opportunity to join this program and a way to do service, be a part of the community, and most importantly to form friendships.

After being matched up with a buddy, you are expected to contact them once a week, and meet up with them at least twice a month; making you a “Peer Buddy.” Merrimack also gives students a chance to become an “Associate Buddy.” Instead of being paired with one student, you are asked to attend events hosted by Merrimack. Once a month, Best Buddies throws a party on campus that provides food, music, and different themes. This program gives students the chance to not only make a difference in their own lives, but in others as well.

To sign up for Best Buddies you go on bestbuddies.org and fill out a college member’s application. Once you are signed up you will be added to an email list and you will be updated on future events and meetings.

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