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Best Buddies: Matching Up With New Friends

Sarah Buckwald ’14, Staff Writer

Best Buddies is a great organization on campus that combines community service, friendship, and opportunities. Best Buddies help create friendships for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

College students at Merrimack are matched one-on-one with a buddy. They need to contact their buddy once a week and meet with them twice a month. Another type of buddy that the organization has is called an associate buddy.

They are not matched one-on-one with a student, but can still come to the event parties hosted by Merrimack. Best Buddies has a party once a month that includes different themes, such as Halloween, Valentines Day or St. Patrick’s Day.

The event consists of good food and music as well as a great time with your buddy. Junior Breanna Walukevich, president of Best Buddies, says, “I love Best Buddies because not only do we make a difference in the buddy’s life, but they make a huge difference in our lives as well.” Breanna was matched with her Best Buddy, Colleen her freshman year at Merrimack. She has had so many fun memories with her buddy and will continue the friendship for a lifetime.

Many students have benefitted from this program and highly recommend this opportunity. Best Buddies is a great chance to have the experience of reaching out to others while performing acts of service.

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