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Behind the Curtain: Rogers Center

Alicia Collins ‘21

Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Rogers Center for the Arts has long been the place on Merrimack College’s campus for plays, movies, concerts, and more. The Rogers Center consists of a 600 seat auditorium, atrium lobby, McCoy Art Gallery, and Thagaste Gallery. It takes a dedicated group of individuals to keep The Rogers Center running for every single event it hosts.

Benjamin Mendonça is a senior at Merrimack College as well as a production assistant for the Rogers Center. As a production assistant Mendonça finds himself in many different roles, depending on the day. Some days are very quiet and he is just needed for general tasks. He often works on Wednesdays, which usually have small concerts in the atrium section. During this time he usually runs the audio or he is in the back organizing. When the lobby of the Rogers Center is booked for an event, production assistants are in charge of setting up sound, tables, and lighting. Mendonça explains that production assistant role is to make the complicated look effortless for all who visit the Rogers Center. 

Mendonça is also accompanied by a team of 20-30 student workers who help with the  daily functions of the Roger Center. The student worker roles range from production assistant to craft assistant, box-office assistant, and front of house. Every month all of the student workers sign up for different shifts depending on their availability. All jobs, no matter how small, play a crucial role for the functioning of Rogers Center.

Being flexible is crucial when taking on a job at the Rogers Center. Events can change or something is needed for an event that brings stress to the staff as a whole. There is alot going on and often very little time to accomplish it. 

The student workers at the Rogers Center create an environment that is both serious and silly, which is a large perk of the job. Having student workers who love who they work with adds to the overall experience for guests who visit the Rogers Center.

Mendonça explains that some of his favorite events to work are the concerts in the Rogers Center because he gets to be high up in the back of the auditorium doing lighting, which he finds relaxing.

When it comes time to leave Merrimack College, Mendonça believes that many of the  skills he’s learned by working at the Rogers Center will be applicable in other professions. Being flexible when situations change as well as maintaining control in high stress situations are techniques that Mendonça will continue to use in everyday life.