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Beacon Newspaper Goes Live

Karamarie Joyce ’15, Editor-in-Chief

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The Beacon newspaper is excited to announce the production of “The Beacon Live,” a news show which will broadcast locally on Channel 10 in Andover, and be available for viewing anytime online on The Beacon’s YouTube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLUMM566FYFBgjhZ-s06rzA)

The editors of The Beacon are teaming up with Kevin Salemme and his graduate fellow Dan White in the Merrimack Media Center to bring MCTV10 back to life.

We are looking for production management, production assistants, news writers, digital editors, camera operators, set artists, makeup artists, animation specialists, sound and music directors.

Production of the show will being in the next few weeks. Students interested in joining the team can send an email to Joycekm@merrimack.edu.

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