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Battery-Mates Became Brothers

By Kayla Regan ‘17

Staff Writer


As their college careers are coming to a close, seniors Pat Florence and Zach Schindler reflect on their past four years at Merrimack College. They are best friends, roommates and most importantly the catcher and pitcher of Merrimack’s baseball team.

Pat and Zach met during their freshman year when they were both rookies on the team. Pat was the only freshman catcher and Zach was the only freshman pitcher. Needless to say, the two found themselves spending a lot of time together on the field. They developed a strong bond with one another because of this. Because their personalities worked well together, they decided to become roommates their sophomore year. The two have been roommates ever since.

Pat considers Zach to be his best friend and he is very thankful for the relationship that they have.

He said that, “My experience at Merrimack would not have been the same if it wasn’t for Zach. Baseball brought us together but we have become like brothers over the past four years.”

Their underclassmen teammates look up to these boys but often joke about their relationship.

Cam DiSarcina says, “Pat and Zach are always trying to one up each other so it keeps their relationship fresh and competitive.”

Whether this is on or off the baseball field, there is never a dull moment with these two.

Now that their time at Merrimack is almost up, Pat and Zach are nostalgic about their college experiences. They are certainly going to miss one another when the year ends but they have full intentions on seeing each other after graduation. Although Pat and Zach are not looking forward to graduating from college and are emotional about the whole thing, Zach assures everyone, “We are good.”