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Autumn Linteau '14 Talks Her Merrimack Experiences

Lance Hill ’15, Staff Writer 

The phrase “competitive” is used by many, but is actually put to the test by few. Whether it is in the classroom, on the court, or on the field, senior Autumn Linteau is definitely part of that select few.

This Biddeford, Maine native does it all. When it comes to intramurals at Merrimack, you can find her hitting bombs in softball, scoring goals in both indoor and outdoor soccer, and dodging everything in dodge ball. Linteau is an Environmental Studies major with a Biology and Business minor. She is also the Recycling Coordinator and the President of the Green team at Merrimack. On top of that, she is captain of the women’s rugby team.

Autumn chose Merrimack because of the rich athletic culture and because it was the perfect distance from her home in Maine. Her original plan when coming to Merrimack was to pursue field hockey. She soon decided that the sport was not for her so her plans changed.

“My freshman year, my RA at the time played rugby she was doing some heavy recruiting. She came around and made all the girls on our floor play,” Linteau said. “I decided to give it a shot and once I started to stick with it, I fell in love with it.”

Linteau noted that she is probably the most competitive person on the planet. Her work ethic and drive over the years has definitely shown. Her freshman year, she wanted the starting position and was going to do whatever it took to get the position. Her hard work and dedication got her to where she wanted to be.

“When I was a freshman I wanted nothing more but a starting position,” she said. “Sure enough I ended up starting in the first game. It took a lot of dedication but once I started I kept going with it.”

Linteau’s dedication towards her team and herself as a player never stopped. Her senior year, there were eight rugby teams in the conference. The Merrimack women’s rugby team received the All-Conference Team Award in the fall with Elizabeth Morrissette, and the All-Conference 7’s Team award in the spring with Candace Waldie. Out of all the women in the conference, Linteau received the Tournament MVP Award.

Linteau has definitely left a legacy here at Merrimack. She currently plays for the Boston Beantown women’s rugby team. She absolutely loves it because she gets to play with so many former USA Rugby players and coaches. With all of these great accomplishments that Linteau was a part of and received, is there anything left for her to accomplish in North Andover?

“No regrets,” Linteau said, “on the field, in the classroom, in anything. As long as you do anything to the fullest, you should be happy.”


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