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Autumn Fever

Colleen Rockwell ‘18

Staff Writer

  When autumn finally makes its debut in late September, society goes into a frenzy that mirrors spring fever. Everyone goes crazy about the leaves changing colors, pumpkin flavored everything, and apple picking. Many students around campus are excited that fall has finally arrived.  Sophomore Dylan Scott says, “I love the cool fall days, they’re so refreshing after the summer.” The long hot summer days can be brutal so when the weather starts changing, the fall weather is definitely welcomed.  

    As the weather changes, so do the clothing choices of many people. For most girls, fall fashion is a big deal. Alexis Johnston, who is a senior this year, says, “I like the clothes we get to wear in the fall.” The clothes for fall range from leggings, jeans matched with riding boots, and comfy sweaters. The list is endless.

   Aside from fall fashion, this season has other aspects, too. There are many activities that one can do during the fall months. Pumpkin and apple picking is popular for all ages. Emily Bertolami, a sophomore at Merrimack, expresses, “I like all the different fall-themed activities such as going to Smolak Farms with the school.” Fall activities make this season special because one can share these outings with friends and family. Merrimack not only offers a fun day trip to this farm, but the school also offers more fall-related events, too. On Friday, October 16th, MACKtoberfest, which is Merrimack’s take on Oktoberfest, will happen between the hours of 4 and 7 P.M.  The following two days, October 17th and 18th, are Homecoming, which brings out a large crowd of alumni, parents, and students.

    In the month of October, students get excited that Halloween is only weeks away. Even college students still get dressed up in wacky costumes to show their creepy spirit.  Not to mention, the Halloween movies are still fun to watch. Hocus Pocus anyone? How about Halloweentown? Brings back the good old days, doesn’t it?  Emilia DeWyngaert, who is currently a sophomore, says, “I like Halloween because it’s my mom’s birthday and I like the creepy things [about Halloween].”  No matter what age, people still get excited for this eerie holiday.

    Who can forget about one of the most important holidays in America? That holiday would be Thanksgiving. Senior Vernell Laroche says, “My favorite part of fall is Thanksgiving.” Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for most people because of the yummy food and family gatherings.  Don’t forget that this holiday would not be here if it weren’t for the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

     Everyone can see that people have their favorite things about fall.  Not one person is the same. As you can see, fall fever is in the air. Go have some cider or pumpkin pie because autumn is only here for a short time. Enjoy it while you can.