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Augie's Paint Bar this Saturday

Bridget Gilroy ’14, Staff Writer 

You’ve seen it on Groupon and you’ve probably heard about it from a friend–Paint Bar is the new fad sweeping the nation. Paint Bar gives people the opportunity to be taught step-by-step how to paint a picture by an artist while enjoying a casual drink or two. The average cost to attend one of these events is between $30 and $40. On Saturday March 8, Augie’s will be hosting its very first Paint Bar for only $5!

Augie's Flyer

Augie’s Flyer

The idea to host this event came from Catherine Bartolini, one of the co-advisors to the Augie’s Advisory Committee. “I thought of the idea for the Paint Bar after hearing that Merrimack brought students last year to a Paint Bar in the area,” Bartolini shared. The artist who will be sharing her talents with Merrimack students is a friend of Bartolini’s, Ashley Baron. Baron teaches painting classes for a living in North Hampton, New Hampshire. “I have taken a class with her before and thought it would be a fun activity to bring to campus,” Bartolini explained.

This event is open to students twenty-one and over and will begin at 6pm this Saturday March 8.

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