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April Horoscopes

Aries: Congrats on getting the best grades in the class! You have officially become the “teacher’s pet.”

Taurus: Don’t bother going to your professors office hours during finals week. Not all the extra credit in the world is going to save your failing grade.

Gemini: Spring weekend will either be the best weekend of your life, or a total bummer, make the most of it!

Cancer: Your out-of-state boyfriend still annoying you? Dump him and live your best life this summer!

Leo: You’ve really been slacking this semester, stop skipping class!

Virgo: Treat yourself to some distressing- you’ve been busy this summer!

Libra: Now that the semester is over, you will finally achieve balance between your academic and personal lives.

Scorpio: You’re running out of time to seek revenge on your roommate for keeping you up all night. Hurry!

Sagittarius: The night of the spring concert is going to be Freaky Friday for you, and you will wake up Saturday morning as Lil Baby. Try not to drip too hard.

Capricorn: Nobody cares about your binge-drinking on spring weekend, stop posting about it.

Aquarius: Don’t get too drunk at spring weekend, remember you still have those final presentations Monday

Pisces: The end of the semester means you can finally turn toward more creative pursuits like taking the Radio Production class over the summer.