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April Horoscopes: Stay Home Edition

Aries: Happy (quarantine) birthday! Just because you can’t go out with friends, doesn’t mean you still can’t have an awesome day. Eat all the cake and dance the night away while staying home. 

Taurus: Being stuck in quarantine means you can use this time to tune in to the needs of your loved ones. Reach out to that friend that needs a little pick me up, practice empathy, and use your psychic abilities for a good cause!

Gemini: I know that your extrovert self is screaming right now, but fear not! Gather all your Merrimack friends on Zoom and have a (safe) quarantine party while you’re home. 

Cancer: Chances are you are an introvert, so you are thriving in quarantine. But don’t forget to pick up the phone and call a friend (you don’t want to totally go off the grid… or do you?).

Leo: Your ideal quarantine: changing into your daytime pajamas and cooking chocolate chip muffins. Doesn’t seem to get any better than that. 

Virgo: That entrepreneurial idea that you’ve had in the back of your mind forever? Yeah, you know the one. Use this time at home to focus on it and bring it to life. 

Libra: You’re struggling with whether it’s okay to make a quick trip to the grocery store. It’s not okay. You have enough food and social distancing only works if we all make do with what we have at home.

Aquarius: Have some down time while at home? Spring cleaning is calling your name!

Scorpio: You have definitely tried the Tik Tok whipped coffee trend while quarantining. You definitely didn’t regret it either. 

Sagittarius: Staying at home probably does not come naturally to you. The ideal quarantine activity for you is to get up and exercise. Carry out some physical activity, such as aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, spinning, or even jumping ropes. Whatever you decide, do something on your own and at your own pace!

Capricorn: Shut off the news, it is only stressing you out! When you find yourself in stressful times, try some yoga – it is good for the soul.

Pisces: 10 hours of Tik Tok later and suddenly all of your clothes are either bleached, cropped, or tie-dyed. Don’t worry, you will look super cute once we are able to leave our house again!

All Signs: Stay home and stay safe, Warriors!