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Apartments: Now You’re Cooking

Michael Perdie ’14, Staff Writer 

The apartments are broken up into two sections: the St. Thomas apartments and the St. Ann apartments.

The St. Thomas apartments are located in the front and the St. Ann apartments are in the back. The apartments consist of 12 buildings with exterior door access to each tower.

Approximately 280 residents and eight RAs live in the apartments during the semester. Each apartment has two bathrooms, two bedrooms (doubles), a common area and a kitchen. In addition to traditional bedroom furniture, the apartments are furnished with a couch, kitchen table and kitchen chairs. Each apartment is also equipped with air conditioning.

There are three laundry rooms located throughout the apartments. There is also the St. Thomas community room adjacent to C Tower that has vending machines (drinks only) and a large space where students can gather to study or socialize.

When weather permits students can socialize and grill food on the built in grills located around the apartments. Around the grills are tables and benches that make it a great place to have a barbeque. Another great part about the apartments are that they are closer to the parking lot.
Andrew Vivian ’15 said, “The best part about living in the apartments is having a kitchen to cook your own food.”

Students who live in the apartments usually lower their meal plan and buy their own food to cook. The kitchen seems to be the reason why most people choose to live in the apartments.

Jamie Shand ’15 said, “The worst part about living in the apartments is the mold and bad conditions of the rooms.” In fact, many students complained to The Beacon about the cleanliness of the apartments. This can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a residence hall.
Another downside to living in the apartments is how far away it is from the other buildings on campus, especially when the temperature starts to drop. Some students would prefer to live closer to the main campus buildings because it’s convenient, but others like the independence of living in an apartment but still staying on campus.

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