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Anticipation For Graduation

By Shannon McBain ‘16

Staff Writer


Can you believe spring semester of 2016 is halfway over? For some students at Merrimack, it is the last semester: the final stretch. The graduating class of 2016 is nearing graduation day, which is scheduled for May 22. Many seniors have mixed feelings about graduating.

While some are ready, others wish they had more time at Merrimack. A majority of the seniors have spent four years learning and growing through different experiences Merrimack has offered them. Students are from different places around the world, which adds a sense of diversity and encourages students to branch out and meet others from different backgrounds.  

In their four years at Merrimack, many of the seniors have matured and developed into contributing members of society, whether it be through their academics, extracurricular activities, volunteering, or working.

Senior year is a time filled with both exciting and stressful moments. This short period of time is essentially the period in which graduating seniors are deciding on what they want to do with their futures, as well as finishing up requirements to graduate. Fortunately, Merrimack offers their graduating seniors with fun end of the school year events such as 100 Days till Graduation, Senior Week, and other events in which seniors can spend time with their peers for possibly the last till their college reunions.

Graduating seniors will all be taking separate paths, whether it be going straight into the workforce, taking a year off, or attending graduate school. This will make it somewhat difficult to remain in contact with friends from college consistently.

“I’m bittersweet about graduating. Part of me wants to graduate and part of me knows I’m not ready to be adulting any time soon.” According to senior Sabrina Castelluccio.

“Having the experience to intern at Lawrence General Hospital in the emergency center during the fall of my senior year, I had the opportunity to get hands on experience with patients and have acquired key skills such as resiliency in that environment, as well as working with such a diverse population of patients that will help me excel in my future career as health care professional.” According to senior Lauren Maher, a Sports Medicine major, an internship is required for health science majors to graduate. Merrimack College’s O’Brien Center for Student Success offers students assistance in looking for possible internships and field related experience.

“Yeah, it was from the soccer success, making friends, and a mix of academics and fun that made my experience at Merrimack College everything I’d hoped it to be,” said senior student Augusto Silva.

“In the next few years, I hope that I am happy with my career. I hope that I am comfortable enough financially but also in a place that I am excited to go work every day. I feel as though this is more important than how much money is made and more about your passion for your career,” said another senior student Meagan McEachern.

Merrimack has provided students with endless opportunities to ensure students have the choice to succeed in their future endeavors. It will be exciting to see where life will bring the students graduating from the class of 2016.