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Andover Review: Thyme Restaurant

ChoiWing Kong ’15, Staff Writer

Thyme is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in North Andover, 0.6 miles away from Merrimack College. Thyme was founded by a Chinese chef that has been trained for a long time in Japan. Thyme serves all different kinds of Asian appetizers (such as Tempura, edamame, seaweed salad and etc.), sushi, rolls, sashimi, hibachi, noodles and desserts. Thyme is adorned with elegant decorations with sofas, sushi mini bar and hibachi grill area. The waiters there are friendly, welcoming and always introduce the most valuable and tasty dishes for the customers.

Thyme in North Andover

Thyme in North Andover

The food at Thyme is relatively priced because it’s guaranteed that the qualities of their raw materials are always fresh. “We get up at 3 in the morning and arrive at the market at 4am in order to buy the freshest seafood for today like salmon, urchin, tuna shrimp and etc, “says the chef. Moreover, Thyme is not only cares about the taste, but also how the dishes look. The dishes at Thyme are always presented creatively.

For people who like hibachi, there are a lot of combinations to choose from, so you get the most food for your dollar. There are also plenty of hibachi options to choose from: steak, scallops, chicken, shrimp, and lobster. Customers can choose from up to four sides, and the combonation plate comes with either fried rice or fried noodles and veggies like cucumber and squash and miso soup.

For people who like sushi, they also offer combinations such as the “love boat”. It has more than five different kinds of sushi and sashimi such as the dragon roll, eel sushi, tuna, and salmon, which is also tasty and reasonably priced. There is Love Boat for 2, for 4 and for 6 so that people can have options to choose the boat size.

For people who like noddles, there’s fried noodles and noddle soup. In general, fried noodles are more popular and it tastes similar to hibachi. There’s chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetable fried noodles to choose from.

After the meal, they serve deserts too such as Toasted Almond Cake, Mousse, and Coppa pistachio. It is worth trying one, there has to be one you like!
Overall, Thyme is a really good taste and is an authentic Japanese-themed restaurant in North Andover. Thyme has a nice environment for dating and hanging out, because there is one separate room that good for holding parties. People will miss the food there after a while not going there.

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