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Andover Review: Regas Grill

Ted Chen ’16, Staff Writer

Korean food has the most distinct characteristics among Asian cuisine, that contains very little fat, non-MSG and  is still nutritious. Regas Grill is easily one of the best Korealogon restaurants in Massachusetts. Located at 609 S Union St, in Lawrence on the border of North Andover, Regas Grill is about a 5 minute drive from Merrimack. Regas Grill has begun to attract everyone who loves Korean food from all over Massachusetts, even making those who don’t particularly enjoy Korean cuisine, fall in love with it: “It has the most variety and authentic Korean food around the Boston area, best thing I ever had since I came to America,” said Chris Park, a Korean student from Boston who makes a half hour drive from his apartment to have dinner there every weekend.

As the restaurants name indicates, their signature dishes are grilled food. The Korean BBQ buffet is the most popular part of the Regas Grill. You can have Kai-bee, Sang Kai-bee, U-Seol, Chicken and all kinds of fresh Prime boneless beef and boneless chicken, as well as pork and seafood marinated by special sauces. Fresh lettuce and sauces are provided along side each meat. The grill items are not only delicious but also have an amazing presentation, which is another big characteristic of Korean food – keeping the fresh color that the food originally has. The price is 26.95/per person, a little bit pricey but totally worth it.

The Korean style of meat is not greasy at all however, if you don’t feel like indulging in a meat dish, there are plenty of other options for you to choose from. Miso Soup is the manager’s recommendation, soup is a very important food in Korea and different types of sauces and ingredients are used to make different kinds of soup, Kai-bee Tang and San-Tofu Tang are the signature soups in Regas. Kai-bee Tang is made off prime beef short rib as the main ingredient and it tastes fresh and sweet. The soup is usually eaten with rice and appetizers like pickles and Kim chi, which is very tasty. San-Tofu Tang is a rather the spicy soup, make sure you order a water if you plan on trying this one! The Korean spices will sneak up on your taste buds, starting off mellow when you have your first bite, but the delayed effect is very powerful and that is when you can feel the fierce Korean spices. San-Tofu Tang is made off tofu and seafood and  made as soup with special Korean spicy sauces. The price of the soup is 12.95, however it is filling and very well worth it.

While soup and the  BBQ buffet are the most popular selections on the menu, there are many dishes that were not mentioned that are equally as delicious! Be sure to stop by Regas Grill this spring season, you won’t regret it!

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