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An Athlete's Take on Volpe

Elizabeth Fitzgerald ’15, Staff Writer 

NORTH ANDOVER, MA- New strength and conditioning facilities leaves athletes and coaches pleased with college updates.

Ground broke on the Volpe Center Expansion project in the summer of 2012, and construction was finally under way that fall. The expansion included a new strength and conditioning room, campus bookstore, and additional hockey rink and Dunkin Donuts. This expansion and renovation was something that was crucial to the Merrimack College D1 and D2 athletes’ training.

This year long project was worked on up until the last possible minute. “It was definitely worth the wait.” Says head strength and conditioning coach, Michael Kamal. “We were literally putting on the finishing touches the night before the football team moved in for camp.

The doors to the new facility were opened in August of 2013. This was just in time for the MC football team to start off their preseason on a good note.

Junior wide receiver Zach Ingalls explains that the football team is looking forward to taking advantage of the weight room this offseason, especially working towards the fall. “It is exciting being in the new weight room for the first time. “It is exciting being in the new weight room for the first time. We have afresh start in training for the season. We want to win a championship.” With the success of their fall season, and the enthusiasm with the new weight room, it seems like only good things will be happening for the Warriors in their future.

Not only are the football players pleased with the new improvements and their performance thus far, but also the women’s basketball team is also excited and ready to dominate their season. Junior captain and starting point guard, Chloe Rothman explains that her team is excited and more efficient than ever. “ It is so organized, and easy to get in and out. We are now motivated and moving faster in there. In the only room we had to weight around to use the equipment. Now, no one is stopping our speed or slowing us down. We are really productive in there.” Their effort working their strength and conditioning is now translating onto the court. “ We all feel fit and healthy for the most part”, Rothman explains. “Coach Kamal has given us sport specific workouts, that give us a big advantage. He has done a great job working will all of the teams.”

As the fall has been one of the most successful season in recent years at Merrimack, it is safe to say that the overall enthusiasm towards the new athletic facilities can be considered a big contributor.

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