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Alternate Transportation Tactics

talbosSean Talbot ‘15, Staff Writer 

Have you ever seen that stud breezing by you on your way to class? The first thing you think is how is he walking so fast but then you realize he’s sporting an awesome pair of rollerblades. Many students have begun using blades to make his commute a faster and in a more efficient way.
If you look for it on your way to class you’ll see many other methods of transportation. Bikes, longboards and skateboards are the main ways of alternative transportation. Over the past two years there has been a larger number of long boarders that have changed the game around Merrimack. They stride by the walkers along the academic walkways, leaving for class after them but getting there before them.
The amount of bike riders would increase if there were more bike racks around campus and outside the classroom buildings. While Merrimack is a safe school, most students don’t feel comfortable leaving their gear out in the open. As of now there is only one bike rack set up for students which is located outside of the library, close enough to the academic buildings yet locking your bike up here would add more time to your commute taking away the purpose of using the alternate transportation in the first place. One thing is for sure and that is how the weather is slowly but surely bringing an end to all wheeled transportation.
 Walking to campus in the snow is really tough with the lack of sidewalks and plowed walk ways. James Keeley ’15, a resident of Royal Crest, brought up a great point when he said “Getting to class in the winter is a real struggle an overpass on 114 would eliminate a lot of stress for commuters.”
If Merrimack would build an overpass connecting 114 to Royal Crest it would make the trek a lot easier and safer for Merrimack students.

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