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Affordable Spring Break Options for College Students

By Octavia Rossini ’20

Staff Writer


Looking for a warm, possibly tropical spring break destination without breaking the bank this year? For the spring of 2017, there are many options that will allow college students to travel without spending a monstrous amount of money. Instead of pinching pennies this season, why not enjoy an ice cold drink on the beach?

According to Student City, the number one international destination to travel to in 2017 is Cancun, Mexico, and the in the US is South Padre Island, Texas. Myrtle Beach was ranked number one by U.S. News Travel this year.

The top ten places to travel for spring break under $1,000 are:

Dominican Republic: Located in the center of the Caribbean, there are warm sandy beaches, mountains, and the charming capital of Santo Domingo.

La Paz, Mexico: Known as The City of Our Lady The Peace, the city is surrounded by museums, marvelous architecture and a lively nightlife.

Puerto Rico: A Caribbean Island that has appealing beaches and mysterious caves to venture off in.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica: Known as a sleepy fishing village, Treasure Beach is very quiet with very little commotion from tourism. A great place to unplug, unwind, and get back to nature.

Grand Bahama Island, Bahama: Enjoy a vacation with the feel of soft pure white sandy beaches and the clearest blue ocean waters of the Caribbean.

Panama: Known for obtaining more species of birds than the U.S. and Canada combined.

Virgin Beach, Philippines: Take in the stunning beaches and their crystal clear waters with tall mountains as a beautiful backdrop.

Gulf Shores, Alabama: A great place to golf, fish, and go on a boat cruise.

Outer Banks, North Carolina: A great place to visit historical sites, lovely beaches, and awesome food to indulge in as well.

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida: A great place to golf, tan on the grand beaches, and enjoy the sun.