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Active Minds Launches Two Campaigns for Mental Health Awareness Month

Olivia Faulkner ’22 

Staff Writer

While we may not be on campus right now, many clubs and organizations are promoting awareness of what students still have access to at their fingertips. Not only are resources being provided, but different online campaigns and projects are going on. Active Minds is currently hosting two campaigns, the #hereforyou campaign, and more recent,  #tryingmybest campaign. Both are slightly different, but are focused around mental health as this is Active Mind’s mission on campus. 

The #hereforyou campaign has been the most popular thus far, this has been promoted beyond Merrimack with national participation from the general chapter, which is incredible. Each chapter around the country has been participating in this campaign to spread positivity around their online campus communities during this difficult time. If you are interested in participating, it is never too late. Just take a piece of paper and write #hereforyou in the center of the paper, and surround it with uplifting quotes, resources available through campus and nationally, as well as positive messages. Once you have done this, take a picture of it (preferably with you in it, although that is not required), tag @mcactiveminds and tag three friends to participate for your instagram story.

Active Minds’ newest campaign, #tryingmybest, was just recently launched and is aiming to eventually create a bigger project. Secretary Anne Snyder and Vice President Arpi Parseghian watched Anson Seabra’s music video for his song “Trying My Best,” and thought that this would be a unique idea to incorporate into Active Minds.  To participate, you will need three blank pieces of paper, a  marker, and something to take a picture with. On the first piece of paper, you will write: “Hi, my name is ___” and take a picture of yourself holding it. On the second piece of paper, write something you struggle with and take a picture of yourself holding it. Keaghan Curley, a member of Active Minds, chose body image as an example. On your final piece of paper, you will write, “But I’m #tryingmybest,” and take a picture of yourself holding it. Once you have done all of this, email it to the Active Minds Mailbox @activeminds@merrimack.edu, so they can include you in the video they will be creating. 

Although this is a difficult time filled with uncertainties, Merrimack has many resources available for students to utilize as they finish up the academic year. At the moment, Merrimack cannot provide in-person mental health services due to the pandemic, but what is being offered is virtual Hamel Health counseling via Zoom, and you can also call to make an appointment with them at 978-837-5441. The Merrimack 24/7 hotline is also available at 978-837-3500, or students can contact the Task Force via email @taskforce@merrimack.edu. The Instagram accounts associated with the Office of Wellness Education are also always available to help those in need, and a message may be sent to @mcwellnessed, @mcpeereducators, and @mcactiveminds. If you are looking for a resource beyond the Merrimack community, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK. 

Stay safe, Warriors, and end the year on a strong note!