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A Time of Self Discovery and Reflection

Brenna Roberts ‘21

Associate Sports Editor

By now, everyone is sick of hearing about COVID-19. Everywhere we turn it is on social media, the news, or our family members are talking about it. It’s hard because, currently, this is the only thing going on. When we call up our loved ones to check in on them, we can’t tell them about the errands we just ran or the person we bumped into at the gym. The only things we have to talk about are what we did with our days and the virus. It has quickly taken over all of our lives and it is hard to not let all of the news about it bring us down. We have no idea when it will end and when we will be allowed to be back in groups again. But right now is a special time for every single one of us. We have tons of free time that we have never had before.We can use this time to take up that activity you always wanted to try but never had the chance to do. We can use this time to self reflect.

At a time like this when we have to find the smallest things to make our day and keep our spirits up, it really is eye opening to see what makes us tick as humans. What makes you happy and brings you joy at your toughest moments? Finding these things will help when this ends (and it will end), Most importantly, it is a time to reflect on things that have been bothering you. Is there someone in your life who really has a toxic presence and maybe is not a good friend? This is the perfect time to figure who in your life truly wants the best for you, no matter what. And who do you want the best for, no matter what?

In addition to reflecting on your friendships, this is the perfect time to work on yourself. What about yourself do you not like? It is something you can control or is it out of your control? Are you being too hard on yourself or do you think, for example, maybe you could be a little bit kinder to the people in your life?

Picking up a new hobby that helps you express yourself is also a great way to connect with your inner self. Being able to express how you feel through words or painting for example is the best way to get your feelings out without hurting anyone’s feelings or having to explain yourself to others.

Although this time may feel lonely and we do not know when things will return to normal, take this time and this silence to become your own best friend. Learn more about yourself. Learn about what brings you joy and peace when things are difficult. You may find at the end of all this that you will be more resilient, you’ll enjoy being alone sometimes, and maybe you’ll find that you love your true self.