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A Summer Abroad

Liam Killeen ‘15

Staff Writer

After speaking with Kathy Vaillancourt, the advisor for short term summer abroad programs, it was easy to determine that Merrimack offers a great opportunity for students who would like to study abroad for just a short period of time. The short term summer program consists of various countries to visit such as Ireland, England, as well as Italy. The length of the trip can last for as little as 10 days and as long as 4 weeks.

Approximately 12-18 students at a time are expected to go on each trip and Merrimack as an institution is anticipating growth for the future regarding this program. Students must have good academic standings and must have at least a 2.5 GPA in order to qualify for the opportunity.

“The best time for underclassmen to take interest in the program would be around September” Kathy explained. The trips are lead by Merrimack faculty members. The people who supervise the trip are specially selected; all of the people picked have been to the country previously making it easier for the students traveling.

Faculty members that take part in the trip are known as “Site Coordinators”. These people have a lot on their plate and are in charge of things like finances, health issues for some of the students who may have health problems, as well as logistics. The short-term abroad program is the only abroad program for all grades as opposed to some of the other abroad programs.

“There are roughly 100 students participating and we’re expecting more students to join come next September” Kathy stated. There were 4 programs last year, 6 this year, and more to come next year.

To find out more about the short term summer abroad programs, there are abroad fairs students can visit, sessions they can sit in on, as well as the Merrimack home page which is always open to be viewed. Students who would like to take part in short-term abroad programs should contact Kathy Vaillancourt for more information.

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