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A Student's Opinion on Sodexo's Food

Sean Talbot ’15, Staff Writer 

Have you ever walked into the café, looked at the major dishes and made the game time decision to order takeout?
Have you ever walked into the café, starving, did a full lap and leave without consuming a thing?
Have you ever resorted to your 4th choice when at the soda machine because none of them worked?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in fact familiar with Sparky’s.

Obviously college cafeterias aren’t going to be equivalent to a 5 star restaurant. Sodexo runs the cafeterias for major New England colleges. According to their website, in North America alone, the company has $8.8 billion revenue with 125,000 employees at 9,000 sites. They have 700 facilities management sites and serve more than 15 million consumers daily.

Sodexo can make really good food- don’t get me wrong. Catered events at school is where Sodexo presents its best food. You can also discover great food at the Blue Line Club during a hockey game or speaker events where pot roasts and chicken dinners are offered. The food they make during these catered events is not the same as they serve in the café, though.

Junior Tom Conley stated, “Whenever I step into Sparky’s I already know the top 3 choices I might have are a PB&J, grilled cheese, or cereal”

Another Junior Hana Block said, “I have never had so many plain bagels with butter in my life”

The school is almost 50,000 dollars a year you would think we’d have better food on a day to day basis.
Every day there should be grilled chicken and either chicken patties or chicken nuggets. You can do so many different things with grilled chicken that it just needs to be available every day.

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