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A Poem: The Privilege Of a Lifetime Is Being Who You Are

Madeline Federle

Staff Writer ‘19

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

-Joseph Campbell

Our minds are always taken for granted,
Our faces and bodies are who we be.
Our souls become less and less enchanted,
becoming something as small as a flea.
My mind is something that goes unnoticed.
I’m seen for the blonde hair upon my head
along with my blue eyes that I open,
their beauty limited to face, I dread.
If only we existed in a world.
that allowed you to be seen for your brain
and not seen for an illusion so twirled.
then we would have nothing more to attain.
But you and I live here to serve our time
intelligence being considered crime.

All I Want to See

I lately dare to take that one more stride
to enter into where many do fear.
Feeling intelligence gain me some pride
I begin to see it all crystal clear.
Too many fools surround me where I am,
where there are still these eyes placed upon me
who only notice that I am a ma’am,
but never notice my true agony.
I am here to gain more intelligence.
‘Twill be noticed by the public: you’ll see.
Speaking without the normal hesitance,
my mind will become a platform for me.
A challenge: become defiantly smarter.