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A Poem: A Culture Without “No”

By Madeline Federle ‘19

Staff Writer


A quick burn allows the hard cold fluid to enter.

The distant thought rests ever so lightly,

vanishing it in a mere second to be able to snap back,

snap back to the created reality.

Made up of the humans with leaking pores,

the girl embraces the man near by

fully forgetting that lightly placed thought.

A toxic brain welcomes obscured consequence,

with fallen words and broken hearts.

Feared by the mind, hushed by the tongue

two letters that never make any noise.

Their simplicity allows them to be forgotten,

their rarity takes away from their stern tone.

She falls back to the arms of the unspoken word.

She’ll lay easy to forget with the sun,

as her actions will continue in the culture

that never respected the definition of consent.