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A New Favorite Lunch Spot on Campus?

By Danielle Donovan ’18

Staff Writer


This year, a popular lunch spot located in the Merrimack Athletics Complex (MAC) used to serve stir-fry to students and faculty. But now, healthier salads with fresh ingredients are offered.

“The ingredients at the salad bar are much more fresh than what they offer at Sparky’s, which makes the salads taste a lot better,” said junior Matt Delvecchio.

Although some were bummed to see the stir-fry stand go, the new salad station has increasingly become a favorite place to get lunch. “The salads are a nice change from the everyday options at Sparky’s,” said student Bianca Palughi.

Due to the station’s growing popularity, the station is not as speedy as grabbing a dish in the dining hall or grabbing a bagged lunch from Sparky’s Express. Some students have noted that lines are often on the longer side. “The salad line is too long of a wait for lunch in between classes,” said student Faith Kelly. “I wish they offered the salad assembly line in Sparky’s.”

The salad bar in the MAC is open on weekdays from 11:30a.m. to 2:00p.m.