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A Merrimack Tell-All: Class Registration Horror Stories

By Sam Mullin ’18

Staff Writer


It’s that time of year again where you can find stressed out Merrimack students flooding the Registrar’s Office trying to get into particular classes. With right around 3,000 students at Merrimack, it can sometimes be difficult and often stressful to enroll in a class you want to take or need to take in order to graduate. Whether the class you wanted to take was full or you missed your registration time, almost everyone at Merrimack has had their own horror of trying to register.

A group of juniors who have been registering for three years still come across a great amount of stress and fear when trying to register for their classes.

“I need to take a foreign language to fulfill a requirement, but I cannot enroll in the class because I didn’t get a high enough score on the placement test. I’m confused how I am supposed to do well on the placement test if I have never taken the language before. On top of that, I also need to take two more classes for my major but they are only offered to seniors, leaving me with not many options for classes next semester. I am still only registered for one class right now because I don’t know what else to take.” -Bailey Delaney

“I’ve never taken Italian before and I got a 14/40 on the Italian placement test and somehow got put into Italian II.” -Haley Bean

“My registration time was on Friday morning and I forgot about it until I was in the middle of getting my eyebrows done Friday afternoon.” -Barbara Saunders

“I was supposed to register for classes on Friday morning and I no idea until a friend mentioned it to me on Sunday.” –Cam Paine

“Last semester my advisor forgot to clear me for my classes, so MyMack wouldn’t let me register for any classes until I emailed my advisor.” –Colleen O’Brien

“All the classes I needed to take were full so I had no other option but to sign up for two statistic classes (basic statistics and business statistics). Luckily I was able to switch out of one of them a week before classes started.” –Claudia McHugh

“I registered for a class that was supposed to meet on campus three times a week. Before it started, I was informed that it would be turned into an online course. This is the second semester that this has happened to me. The course is a major requirement and it is very difficult to complete all the work online.” –Lidia Hojnoski