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A Hand That Inspired

By Kathleen Mooney

Staff Writer ‘16


Graduate fellow Joe Fairley has introduced Merrimack College to an innovative and inspired technology. Using a printer, they have given a 12-year-old boy, Bailey, a chance to do things he never thought possible. This prosthetic hand that they have created is improving a child’s quality of life.

Merrimack students are using the skills that they have learned in the classroom and applying them to a real life situation, where they have brought such joy to a child. We have only ever thought to use a printer in the traditional sense, for paper.                                       

This chapter of Enabling the Future at Merrimack has created a hand using this ‘traditional’ product and that is something to applaud. It is extremely impressive that these students have spent so much time on such a self-less act and it reflects very well on the college as well.

We urge students to look into this organization; it is truly inspiring and has done something amazing. It will be interesting to see whom else this organization will help and how much more good it is going to do. We can only hope that innovation like this continues to be brought to Merrimack and that students are as eager to help as Fairley, Monaco, and Widing are.