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A Hamburglar With a Case of Remorse (and hot dogs)

By Cameron Surette ’18

Staff writer


Resident advisors getting ready for a weekend of fun and food were met with a surprise when they went to check on the hamburgers and hot dogs — they were gone.

Resident advisors from O’Brien, Monican, and the Townhouses bought the meat and stored in an O’Brien fridge on Sept. 9. The next day they were gone.

O’Brien staff put out an e-mail calling the incident “very disheartening.” Shortly after the e-mail went out, the food was returned.

“It was returned, undamaged, in less than 24 hours, anonymously. No police involvement,” said James Chiavelli, President Christopher Hopey’s chief of staff.  “We believe it was an attempt at a prank.”

Students were asked about who they thought could have committed the act in question.

“I think it was an inside job,” said senior Mike Walen.

One student had these words about the prankster(s).

“It sounds pretty dumb to take hot dogs and hamburgers. They must have been either really cheap or really hungry, or both,” said Jeff Lopilato. “It’s a pretty (expletive) move to take food that they (event staff) were going to use for events, though.”