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A Great Big Disappointment?

Merrimack Students Plain White T’d Off Over Lackluster Spring Concert Selection

Elizabeth Fitzgerald ’15, Staff Writer 

concert tweets (2)

Students’ live reaction to the concert reveal on twitter

Plain White T’s opening for A Great Big World as this years spring concert. Is this another disappointing concert for Merrimack? Most of us will agree that Spring Weekend is the most anticipated weekend of not only spring semester, but of the entire year. As the Spring Concert takes place the Friday of spring weekend, it is expected that the weekend of festivities should start off with a bang. For the past couple of years, Merrimack seemed to disappoint their student body with spring concerts that fell bellow the bar. The under-the- radar team Girl Talk and well known, but mellow group, The Band Perry seemed to do everything but get the campus excited for their weekend ahead.

On Friday, February 21, the big reveal for this spring’s concert was made following the men’s hockey game against the University of Vermont. Twitter feeds were flooding with the latest announcement, but by the looks of it, it seems it is another disappointing call by Merrimack. The band A Great Big World has recently hit radio stations with their song Say Something, featuring Christina Aguilera. But aside from that hit, are there any songs that people actually know of? The singers of Hey There Delilah, released their album All That We Needed in 2005, and it wasn’t until a few years later until the song actually became a hit. Now, nearly 10 years later the band is resurfacing before our very eyes, here at Merrimack..

Though this isn’t an ideal band to kick off spring weekend with, students at Merrimack seem to be pleased with the fact that this is a band they are actually familiar with (when compared to 2012’s concert; Girl Talk). Junior Brittany Hagopian said “I like them as a band, but not looking forward to them as a spring concert. I think their music is too boring. I want something that is more upbeat.” It seems to be the general consensus on campus, that this isn’t the right genre for a spring concert. Hagopian also said “I don’t remember being asked an opinion on what I would want as a spring concert or how much I would pay for tickets. I wouldn’t mind having to pay more for tickets knowing that it meant getting a better band. I will still probably go, and make the best of it. But, it would be looked forward to a lot more if a livelier group were performing.”

More optimistic than Hagopian, senior Marissa Depaolo is looking forward to the concert. “It is nice to have my last concert at Merrimack as a group that is well known with at least one song everyone can sing along to. I know that some people aren’t so excited about it, but the MPB worked hard on getting this for us, while having affordable ticket prices. Even though people may be complaining, everyone will definitely be having fun while we are there. It is a throwback to our younger years.”

This concert may be a blast from the past, but it seems that, as a whole, Merrimack students are a bit more pleased having this be a band that we all knew and loved at one point in our youth.

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