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A College Student’s Guide to Family, Feasting, and Friends

By Brittany Dempsey ’18

Staff Writer


You know that time of the year when the air starts to get chilly and everyone starts feeling extra generous? Well, it’s almost that time again. Thanksgiving is coming and for a college student, this means a mini-vacation, free food, and (trying to) avoid all family conversations.

First of all, do not panic. Whenever somebody brings up Donald Trump, just spoon a mouthful of mashed potatoes in your mouth. If somebody asks you for help with the dishes, just run to the bathroom, and if your aunt asks if you are in a relationship, just tell her that food is your one true love.

On a real note though, Thanksgiving is all about giving back. For years, it was easy to get away with only helping in the kitchen and because of this, you were all of a sudden the best child. Now that we’re getting older, it’s harder to feel that way. Sadly, it’s time that we all brought something to give thanks for at the dining room table. Let’s be honest, we are all broke. So let me help by giving you some ideas of how you can make your family dinner a real feast to remember.

Side dishes are super important. Not a good cook? Start off by watching Food Network. Or, I guess you could just grab some cranberry sauce and take it out of the can. Your choice.

In the mood for something salty, but also feel like you desperately need to go on a health kick? Grab some cheese and crackers, or better yet, a veggie platter. Do not forget the ranch dip!

If your Food Network watching skills are paying off, try making a sweet potato casserole. Hint: add a thousand marshmallows on top. If you want to be everyone’s favorite person of the day, you can also supply the buttery rolls. Make sure to make them nice and crispy.

Feeling like you can’t handle the conversation or the task of bringing something to Thanksgiving dinner? Buy a bottle of wine and drown your troubles in it.

Remember that you have had a tough semester and it’s not even over yet. Nod when someone asks if you have good grades, sleep in past 8:30a.m. and eat the extra slice of pie –  you deserve it.