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5 Boston-based Instagram-ers You Should Be Following Right Now

By Skye Stewart’ 17

Executive Editor


Let’s face it. We all Instagram our best snapshots, but who says we can’t live that life all the time? For us, Instagram is filled with Boston-based bloggers who are ready to show you their lifestyles, all of them ranging from travelers to foodies to content creators. If you’re looking for a little inspiration from the lives of fellow and creative New Englanders, follow these five Instagram accounts.

For the foodie: Whether you’re craving the coziest brunch, a one-of-a-kind pizza, or just a latte for your daily pick-me-up, look no further than @bostonfoodies. Tiffany Lopinsky’s blog documents her dining journey throughout Boston, boasting snapshots that look too delicious not to like. Whether you’re looking to complete a weekend trip to Boston with the perfect dish or just looking to indulge with a group of friends, Lopinsky’s got your back with infinite ideas and even more reviews, too. The pickiest of eaters could find a favorite on her Instagram page.

For the traveler: @venturetravelist might be in New York or Phoenix sometimes, but she’s usually in Boston. She presents perfectly-edited Instagram posts that are destined to make you want to get out of bed, put Netflix on pause and take a road trip out of town. Her photos are stunning and will leave you wanting more from a picturesque New England. Regan Cleminson will have you venturing out and about in no time. Plus, Boston is in our own backyard!

For the design lover: If you want to put on a dinner party for friends in your apartment or try out a new holiday cocktail, @domestikateblog’s got you covered. Kate’s styling tips are super chic and glamorous, with a modern touch and pops of color. From holidays to everyday interior design, her Instagram page will make you feel inspired as ever – even if you’re the farthest thing from being crafty.

For the fashionista: Embracing Boston’s cityscape with style and charm, @kerriemburke dresses to impress – and her looks are inspiring. From everyday looks to outfit ideas that will keep you all bundled up until the snow melts away, Kerrie belongs to LIKEtoKNOW.it where followers can like her Instagram photos to see exactly where her outfits come from. Your wallet might not like this idea, but at least you’ll be the best-dressed fashionista on campus.

For the average-Joe: From delicious eats and local events to Beantown scenery and beyond, @bostontweet is all about showing you around the city he loves. He might even get you in on a scavenger around the city (one time, he hid $3,000, scattered all throughout the city of Boston). Tom O’Keefe, an entrepreneur and social media guru, is always up to something, so you’re deemed to find something fun to do that will kick your winter blues to the curb.