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Question On The Quad

What is your favorite thing to eat at Sparky’s?

 “I like the cheeseburgers.”

-Tim Barron ’19

 “The chicken patties are my favorite.”

-Matt Dwyer ’18

 “I really like buffalo chicken dip. It’s fairly easy to make when there’s usually not too many other options for food that I like.”

-Dustin Vitagliano ’18

 “My favorite food is Augie’s popcorn.”

-Dan Ulrich ’17

 “My favorite option is the salad bar.”

-Angela Pezzello ’17

 “I like the chicken nuggets.”

-Alli DiBiase ’20

 “I like the chicken parm because I’m Italian and it reminds me of being home for Sunday dinner.”

-Adriana Raneri ’19

 “I like the chicken noodle soup with rice best.”

-Faith Kelley ’18