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Police Log October 2016

10/20/2016 10:45 PM

Royal Crest resident called in a noise complaint for a room allegedly occupied by Merrimack students. Res Life was notified.


10/21/2016 7:54 PM

An employee was hit in the head with a hockey puck at the hockey game. EMS stationed at the game responded and attended to the woman. The woman refused further medical treatment and signed a medical waiver.


10/22/2016 11:32 PM

Officer reports that a resident student is under arrest for disorderly conduct and threatening to commit a crime. He has been transported to NAPD. Report filed.


10/22/2016 3:48 PM

An officer has requested all units to the football field for a fight between football teams. Unit reports the situation under control. All units clear.


10/22/2016 12:02 AM

RA reports three males dressed in black attempting to get into various apartments stating they “just want to party.” Officers dispatched. No one matching the description could be found.

10/23/2016 3:21 AM

Unit reports removing keys from a vehicle in a campus lot which had been running and unattended for a while.


10/25/2016 7:16 AM

Resident student called to report an unwanted male is on campus who is possibly stalking her. Sgt. responded to Deegan East and spoke with caller. Unwanted person could not be found in the area at this time. Report to follow.


10/28/2016 12:27 PM

Steam from a shower was the cause of a fire alarm in Monican.


10/30/2016 12:50 AM

An officer reports that he will be speaking with a student who had allegedly been scratched on the neck by another student. Officers dispatched along with Res Life staff to locate the perpetrator.


11/01/2016 6:30 PM

Concerned student mother called to report that her daughter could not find a parking spot in Lot K and that there are no lights on in the lot.