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100 Days: A Senior Countdown

Elizabeth Fitzgerald ‘15

Copy & Features Editor

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It is beginning to be a bittersweet time for the senior class. With only a few more months until they cross the stage at graduation, major events are beginning to take place as their college careers start to wind down. Saturday, February 7th kick started the senior festivities as the 100th day to graduation quickly arrived. 100 Days to Graduation was a masquerade themed party that transformed the MPR in the Sakowich Campus Center into a night to remember.

Majority of the Class of 2015 arrived around 9pm when the night first started to take off. Waiters and waitresses circled the room with appetizers and desserts throughout the night. A cash bar, DJ and photo booth also kept the seniors entertained. This night marked the first of many events, though graduation became a close reality, it was also a blast for those who went. Kelly Vaillancourt, Secretary of the senior class explains that she and the other members of student council worked hard to make this possible for the seniors. “Class council really worked hard on making it the best event as we possibly could for our class. We were so happy with the turnout, it seemed as though everyone has a really good time.”

Senior Gabby Vega said she had a blast at 100 Days. “Being together with all of my friends and the rest of my grade was so much fun. It doesn’t happen often that everyone is together in one place, so this was a really fun way to start our last semester.” Vega’s friend Jennefer Rosa had a similar experience. “Getting dressed up and being with my friends was the perfect night. Now, I am looking forward to all of the other events we get to do as a class.” This is an exciting time for the seniors, as they have much to look forward to before leaving Merrimack.

The senior class will be having the following, upcoming events;

Senior Formal: April 25

Senior Sendoff: May 8-15

Senior Brunch and Slideshow: May 16

Commencement Day: May 17

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